Re: Copying DVD movies on to computer

On Mon, 14 May 2007 10:13:05 -0700, Jennifer
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Can anyone help me on this? I've tried a store bought movie and a home
burned movie and I can't get either one of them to work on my computer. On

Do you have a DVD decoder installed according to the DecCheck program?

the home burned movie, I was told the files are saved as .bup (back up) and

No, the data is in the VOB files, which contain the actual DVD video
(VOB is short for "video object" and the files will be up to 1GB each)

the movie will not play without the dvd being in the dvd drive. I wanted to
put some movies onto my son's mp3.

Oh, that won't work. MP3 players are for audio only, unless you know
the specific device model supports video ;-)

If it turns out you do have a video player after all, it may depend
what video format is supported, how complex the copy process is.

DVDx program is one example of a converter to "rip" DVD video to a
more convenient format -

Cheers - Neil
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