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So I may have found an issue with your solution. It seems to work swimmingly with Unicast, when I point my media player to the "slave" Media Server I see the streaming video, I then stop the encode and on the "master" Media Server it switches over to a picture (or another video) and that shows up in my media player just fine. But when I set up a Multicast things don't work at all. I run the Multicast Announcement Wizard on the "slave" Media Server and point it at the "master" Media Server (I chose "Remote Publishing Point" and use a rtsp://servername/pubpoint address.) I can then launch the ..ASX file and watch the Multicast stream fine, but as soon as I stop the encoder the Multicast stream errors out and doesn't switch to the picture (if I have a Unicast stream going at the same time the Unicast stream shows the picture but the Multicast bombs out.) If I go onto the server and stop and restart the publishing point I get an Error Code: 0xc00d006b (Error Description: The publishing point cannot be started because the server does not have the appropriate stream formats. Use the Multicast Announcement Wizard to create a new announcement for this publishing point.) It seems that Multicasting is unhappy if I change up the media type on it (from encoding to JPG.) I've tried Googleing for Multicast encoder failover but I'm not finding anything. Is there any way to work around this?

Thanks again for your help.


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design I've developed is - A mobile encoding XP box and camera that goes to
where the person is broadcasting from. The encoder then sends the encoded
video to a "master" Windows Media Server in a data center (I'm currently
pulling the stream because I can't seem to get Push to work, but that's

Have you checked your firewall and routing to ensure the encoder is
pushing to the correct location, and that TCP port 7007 is open on the
server end ?

What I'm running into is that when my encoder shuts down the publishing
points automatically go into a stopped state, and when I want to broadcast
another speech the person running the encoder has to log into each server
(via remote desktop or the web admin interface) and start the publishing
points again. This is highly inconvenient, and because human intervention
needs to take place mistakes can take place and servers could be missed. Is
there any way to keep a publishing point up and running even though it's not
receiving a signal?

I think it's just that you're missing the terminology to find the info
you need. It's "encoder failover", which is achieved simply using a
WSX file to roll the encoder to a static image (or a backup encoder)
until it reconnects.

You'll nee WS2003 standard, enterprise or datacenter to use those

Also take a look to at the reconnect behaviour in this document although not
documented there, it actually has 2 possible different parameters

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