Re: Unable to stream content over a multicast network

And when you created the nsc file you specified this file as the source as well?

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I am specifying a video file (.wmv) to source.
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"Mike Lowery" wrote:

"Siddhartha" <Siddhartha Goenka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am trying to stream a video playlist over a multicast network. For that i
created a Pubilishing point with multicast enabled. Then i ran the
Announcement Wizard to create the .nsc and .asx files. After that when i
tried to start the publishing point, it shows the following error:

"The publishing point cannot be started because the server does not have
appropriate stream formats. Error Code: 0xc00d006b"

What is the problem?

What file(s) are you specifying for a source?