Re: and media player sdk

I drop the media player control on my aspx form from V.S. toolbox but I do
not see any code on the code behind page. V.S. does not generate the code to
instantiate the object. All I am trying to accompolish is to look up the
video file path from data base and setup the media player control to play
that file when the aspx page loads! The SDK clearly says when I drop the
control on my form I should see code in the code behind page.

"Jim Travis [ms]" <jtravis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The WMP control is a client side control. You need to embed it in your
page using the HTML OBJECT tag.

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"RonD" <rdadras@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I installed the windows media player sdk 10 on my developement system
with windows media player 10. I added the media player component to the
tool box of my Visual Studio 2003. When I drop it on a c# form
visual studio does not create any code on the code page. I added
referrence to WMPLib but no change.
The operating system is windows XP media center edition 2005. Any idea
what I should do? Would the operating system be the reason?

Thanks for any input.