Re: ripping error

Hi Doobsey - sorry for the late reply, I've been busy with product
launch at work and haven't been on here for weeks ! Owell, summer
round the corner, hope I get a bit of spare time.

If you're missing the "D" drive and expected to see it (bear in mind
it could be a different letter - E, F, G... as long as it has a CD
icon rather than a disk icon), this article may help :

- please head to the "Fix it" link if possible on that page

I tried that but I'm typing this on a windows 2000 machine, which had
IE6 and Firefox 3.6, and the fix it page below doesn't work for me :

Otherwise read very carefully the instructions and follow them step by
step to restore your CD drive to windows explorer and media player. As
noted in the article, removing some CD burning software can break the
ability of windows to "see" the CD drive, but the fix is just changes
to remove orphaned settings from the program that was removed.

Cheers - Neil

On Wed, 21 Apr 2010 13:48:01 -0700, Doobsey
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Hello Neil

I've tried the steps you listed below. When the cd is inserted, there is a
noise and then nothing. No blinking green light on the computer itself and no
whirring noise like the cd is spinning. When I go into my computer, there is
no D drive with the cd contents listed. In the media player there is nothing
in the "now playing" tab.
Again, the library works fine. The mixer is all up and working.
I am at a loss. One day it was working fine and the next day it wasn't.I'm
not the most computer literate guy either but I know I didn't do anything to
mess things up other than turn it on the next day. Anything you can suggest
will be greatly appreciated.

"Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]" wrote:

On Sat, 27 Mar 2010 13:20:01 -0700, Doobsey
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One day I ripped 4 or 5 cds in my player. No problems, everything played back
The next day I went to do the same thing and when I clicked the rip tap this
message came up "A cd drive is needed in order to rip music from cds".
Aside from that, the player will not play a cd when I put it into the drive.
I can play everything from the library fine. Please help, anyone?

OK so the library's working, so you can definitely hear music.

I'm worried you're not able to play a CD which is pretty basic stuff
to go wrong - when the CD is in the drive, can you just not hear it,
or it's not shown at all in media player ?

To start, if there's a light on the front of the CD drive, see if it
lights up or blinks continuously when a CD is inserted.

Then try to listen to whether the CD itself is spinning in the drive
(i.e. to check if the drive motor still works)

If that seems OK, look at the contents of the CD in windows explorer -
often the CD is shown as drive letter D: and you can see (on an audio
CD) a list of files named track01.cda , track02.cda ... track12.cda
and so on

If they're present, then the CD motor and laser are working fine, and
windows is able to see there's content on there (actually the cda
files are placeholders rather than the actual audio data files)

After that - check the windows volume control - down near the Clock in
the taskbar. Make sure you can see Mixer Properties and check out the
Playback options on XP to ensure the CD input isn't listed as "Muted"

Let us know how those basic tests go on...

Cheers - Neil
Digital Media MVP : 2004-2010

Digital Media MVP : 2004-2010