Re: Come on Microsoft and fix DVD playback in WMP 11

Well if it's a problem with AVI files too, it's certainly not a problem with just DVD playback....

Are you really having full screen playback problems across three discrete systems? Are these underpowered or something? I'm wondering what's uniquely wonky about your set of systems. Mentioning VLC - and testing with AVI - implies that other random stuff might be on the PC. What about straight up WMV files full-screen?

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"pafos" <pafos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:CDB5AB3E-DBDF-4433-AB97-4D27E12809E6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi---My main card is a Ge force 6200 agp x8 with the very latest Vista
drivers loaded. Other laptop has Mobile Intel 945GM Display adaptor and
other pc has Matrox g550 dual head again all with latest drivers. I tried to
play some AVI files that I had and even these are jerky when at full screen

"zachd [MSFT]" wrote:

I'm on Vista and don't have any problems with playback. What video card are
you using? Are the drivers up to date from the vendor?

Speaking for myself only.
See for some helpful WMP info.
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"pafos" <pafos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have 3 computers all with dual boot XP Pro and Vista home basic. The
> OS does not come with a decoder so I went out and BOUGHT Roxio > CinePlayer
> decoder for Vista. It is impossible to play any DVD under wmp11/vista > in
> full
> screen mode without the video output skipping frames and being "jerkY".
> Under
> XP WMP 10 there is no problem. I thought that it migh tbe just me BUT
> looking
> at the net there are huge amounts of folk out there with this problem. > I
> downloaded VLC player and this works just fine on all three computers > so I
> now have to use a free product to get my expensive Vista applications > to
> work
> correctly so I will continue to use my faithfull and fast XP Pro for a
> while
> yet.
> -- > thanks in advance for any help
> Peter


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