Re: Advanced Tag Editor - Why does it not work with some filetypes?

You're banging your head against a brick wall. WAV only has elementary
metadata support, and is not designed for your scenario, sorry.

This isn't going to work. If you want cool metadata functionality, you can
use WMA or MP3. WAV wasn't designed for that. Sorry. =\

Speaking for myself only.
See for some helpful WMP info.
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"PC Pete" <PCPete@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What I'm trying to do is to import all the WAV files from my existing
library, and "import" or "migrate" them (converting them on-the-fly into
another format) into the WMP library that I've tried to set up on a
drive/path, so I can compare the various formats and so on.

I've just tried "importing" these music files (WAV format) into WMP11. It
finds the files fine, but seems to have real trouble dealing with or
tags. I can't edit a single tag on any wav format file.

The filenames are all in Artist_Album_Track#_Track Title.wav format, and
I've set up the WMP library format to be the same.

But when I set up the Monitor Folders to my existing music files, while it
imports them all into the "new" library, it imports them as just a long
of filenames - in other words, it doesn't parse the filenames the way I
expect it to, and I just can't edit the tags for any file or combination
files - so all 9,000+ music files are listed as unknown artist/unknown
and I just can't change that!

If WMP deals with MP3 tags using the "embedded" tag structure of the MP3
file format, and it deals with non-MP3 files using it's own internal db,
can't I edit the damn tags? It's driving me nuts!

So maybe I'm having two problems, not understanding how to get WMP to
convert my existing wav files into WMF lossless (or any other) format; and
then not being able to edit tags on existing files.

This is not an issue with file permissions, hidden or Read-Only files, or
user permissions. I can do anything I like to any file in WMP, except
an existing file into another format or automatically or manually edit
for those files.

If anyone could help point me in the right direction for either or both of
these (seemingly simple) problems, I'd very much appreciate it!

Data is not Information; Information is not Knowledge; Knowledge is not


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