Re: license downloaded 10 times?

On Wed, 8 Aug 2007 22:26:01 -0700, Jana
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I got the error The license cannot be downloaded because the license has
already been downloaded 10 times.

I'm trying to listen to a song that was recorded by my fiance who was killed
in a car accident. I don't remember getting the license 10 times, but now i
can only listen to it on my work computer. I want to transfer it to my home
computer. I did move it over, but get the error "The license cannot be
downloaded because the license has already been downloaded 10 times."

On your work computer, you should use the Burn tab to copy the track
to a CD. That will get you the safest backup of the music, and be free
of problems moving the file between computers (it'll also play on your
home audio equipment, of course)

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