Re: Cant hear radio online

On Jul 22, 11:58 am, Fucshia <henriettacoo...@xxxxxxxxxxx(donotspam)>
Hi, Cant find my question anywhere so hope Im not duplicating. I have Win XP
Prof and Media Player 10. I have been able to listen to Classic Gold radio
online, but suddenly I cant ! I go to then click to "listen live" and
usually after the buffering it starts, but not now. I can play a CD in Media
Player and listen to my playlists, but not the online radio.

I have uninstalled the player and reinstalled, and even tried Player 11, but
its not compatable with my pc, so have gone back to 10.

I have had trouble with viewing DVDs, so had to download software for
viewing DVDs, but I dont think that could have caused the problem.

Any ideas anyone?

I am on XP home with WMP 11. The station you mention does not play for
me either. A message on the site states "If you are having
difficulties listening to the stream then listen using stand-alone
Windows Media Player". When I enter the url directly int WMP11 if says
it will not play because it can not find a necessary codec. However my
WMP 11 is working properly on dozens of other radio stations in
various Windows and other formats. I have never tried to listen to
this station before, so I do not know if I could have heard it back
when you could. The station could still be up on the web but not
having any streaming audio input because there is a technical problem
or because the station is planning to shut down on the web. Or they
could have just changed the streaming format they use. Check to see
if other radio stations that use the WMP work for you. You can find
many stations at . If other stations work on the
WMP, I would just wait a while and see what happens. If worst comes to
worst, you likely can find some other station you like from among the
hundreds up on the web. However if you do not get other radio stations
that use the WMP, you may have a technical problem.