Re: Knowledge-based problem solving system

I built a Wiki I don't think I ever mentioned to anybody, but that's on my
old dead server. I've thought about doing something like this on the new
server, but a: I haven't had much time and b: it's already doing ~16TB per
month right now, so I'd worry about the server getting slaughtered in a new

I've loosely been thinking about reusing this reused in-page-search script--
for the WMP data, but I don't know how interesting that would be.

I completely agree that most posts are from people that accidentally bypass
existing gathered knowledge. So while we could refine data over time (which
is generally my net goal here), I'd think any real sustainable fix would
have to involve just pointing people away from any UseNet-based support
system. I personally just don't think it's really sustainable/productive.

As far as branching goes, you could probably actually narrow that down
fairly quickly over time provided you figured out what they wanted. Any
dead-end would ask for a generic set of data which could then be used for
further refinement.... blah blah blah.

An interesting idea.

Speaking for myself only.
See for some helpful WMP info.
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"Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]" <neil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Thu, 03 May 2007 15:41:01 +0100, Swifty <Steve.J.Swift@xxxxxxxxx>

Am I the only person reading this newsgroup who thinks that it is
absolutely crying out for a knowledge-based website to handle the
commonest problems - they come back time after time after time.

So, somewhat like you mean ?

It's what I usually reference when I'm stuck, since Zach has worked on
WM applications for years and knows all the insides of the beast ;-)

By a "knowledge-based website" I mean one that asks questions such as:
"Do your DVD's play back upside down"
and then offers appropriate advice if the answer is "Yes", or a
different question if the answer is no. (Remove the Australian video
drivers :-)

But that troubleshooter is built into the media player help. It's just
that people post here without *ever* reading the help files or the
troubleshooting wizards built in LOL - get used to it :-)

I'd even volunteer to host such a process on my webserver, if only to
get rid of the chaff in this newsgroup :-)

With all respect, I'm not sure your HTML skills are up to it <g>

I'd be interested though, to hear your suggestions for a workflow
which can manage the branching of nodes (and cross linking of related

Remember that typos play a major part in being unable to find anything
on the web, which is why people end up here - so some sort of Soundex
on the questions, and fulltext index of the answers would be in order.

Cheers - Neil
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