Re: Media Player 10 used to show the files in my m3u playlists but not

On 19 Apr 2007 21:57:02 -0700, Victag <miketaggart@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Apr 19, 9:30 pm, Mike Poz [MSFT]
<MikePozM...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Victag,

I don't have a web server available to try this out upon, but have you
tried saving the M3U playlist locally and playing it that way?

Also, unless your webserver is also a media server (supporting MMS or RTSP
protocals) you're not actually streaming the files but doing a progressive
download to the IE cache, and that's where WMP is playing the content from.

Mike Poz [MSFT]

"Victag" wrote:
I have a bunch of my favorite m3u playlists posted as links on my
website. Each playlist contains multiple mp3 files. With Media
Player 10, when I clicked a link, the m3u would stream and the Now
Playing window would display a list of the mp3 files in the m3u
playlist. Now that I have installed Media Player 11, it only shows
the playlist in Now Playing, and I can not get the mo3 files to
display. This is a pain as I would like to be able to jump to a file
in the playlist by clicking on it as I did with version 10. Any
suggestions?- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Thanks, that worked great when I saved it locally, but I still wish I
didn;t have to. Streaming or not, I just like how I can play while it
downloads, but thanks for the info.

It could be a problem with IE. If you use a better browser eg Firefox
and re-try the links, it may hand off to WMP in a different manner.

If that works, try deleting IE's cache to see if there's a problem
with the M3U playlist being stuck in the cache with the wrong MIME

If you could provide a direct link to the playlist, I can check the
MIME type the server's reporting, and cross-check against WMP11 on XP
and Vista to be sure nothing's up.

Cheers - Neil
Digital Media MVP : 2004-2007

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