Re: Video not playing?

Hello Neil,

thank you for bearing with me. The misunderstanding about DVD came because I
jumped on the post of someone else (zombi69), because my original post on
Jan 2, 22:32 hours was answered by no one.

but I tried a DVD and it didn't play. I also tried the visualisation, but I
cannot get one to show. I tried the unticking of the overlay checkbox, but
that didn't help. The monitors also are alright (it is indeed a laptop), the
'1' is big, the '2' is small.

But I have some good news. I have been experimenting further. Now I see a
video playing in any of the compact modes, and in full screen mode! The
screen is only remaining black in the 'normal' full mode of WMP. Does that
ring a bell? can that be solved?

Now the pressure is of this problem for me, because I have found other modes
in which I can play video in WMP, but I still would like to have this
problem solved.

Any suggestions by anyone?

Thanks in advance,

with kind regards,

Henk Koning

"Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]" <neil@xxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
On Sun, 7 Jan 2007 15:50:16 +0100, "H.Koning" <king@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I ran the DecCheck program. It show only one decoder (InterVideo video
decoder) of which it says "This decoder is not compatible with the
synchronisation feature of Windows Media Player 10.

I am not sure this all applies to me. The only thing I want is play .wmv

But you specifically said DVD below ! It's not helpful to ask about
one thing then say "Yeah but I really want to do this instead" because
we've both just wasted an hour between us ;-)

files on my laptop. Since two months I have only black screens in WMP. I
don't know what happened two months ago that caused this. An upgrade this
week from WMP10 to WMP11 did not solve it.
Help! Do I have a codec problem that is causing the black screens? If so,
where can I find the proper codec and install it?

Please let's restrict ourself to the actual symptoms, not speculating
about an assumed cause. So you have no video displayed for any video
type. How about visualisations when a music CD is played ?

My guess is, as it's a Laptop - you gave a presentation once using a
projector. In the display settings for your laptop, you or somebody
else set the graphics card to display on the secondary monitor (i.e. a
monitor attached to the VGA connector on the back of the machine).

Does that sound like something that could have happened ?

There would be settings for your display driver - usually when
right-clicking the windows desktop, then choosing Properties ->
Settings -> Advanced you'd see your display driver settings.

In XP there will be a setting to "Identify Monitors", and you should
expect to see a large "1" character on screen, not "2" when doing that
(2 would indicate your display card was set to use the secondary
monitor for overlays).

To test the overlay setting is related to your problem :

Click one of the small drop down menus under WMP11's tabs, then More
Options -> Performance -> Advanced. Untick the "Use Overlays" box.

If that restores the video playback image, your display driver
settings are wrong.

Cheers - Neil

"Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]" <neil@xxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
On Fri, 5 Jan 2007 06:29:01 -0800, zombi69
<zombi69@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm able to get the audio of a DVD to play but not the video?

Do you have a compatible DVD video decoder installed, according to the
DecCheck program ? It should be obvious once you run that...

Cheers - Neil
Digital Media MVP : 2004-2007

Digital Media MVP : 2004-2007


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