Re: Subtitles wont go away

Do you have 3rd party subtitle software installed.... ?

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"MelloYello" <MelloYello@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
WMP v10
When playing DVD movies (I've tried a couple) I cannot make the subtitles
turn off. When I go to "Play - Captions and Subtitles" the feature is
off, and I have tried turning it off through the DVD menu. I have noticed
that if I turn the subitltes on in any of these locations, I get double
subtitles... 2 identical lines at the same time, slightly off-center from
eachother. I also tried the thing in the options window under the
tab about "show location captions when present" and that didn't help
(was deselected... I selected and no change).

This happens to any DVD I put in the computer.
Any help is much appreciated!