RE: Unable to play or burn files downloaded from (error C00D27

From: Carla Champ (
Date: 11/25/04

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 19:09:05 -0800

Here's the solution. I downloaded music from Walmart. If you open these songs
with Media Player and click them to play the song, Media Player will go and
get the license. Watch the status bar at the bottom of the page and you will
see it getting the license. From there you can burn these songs. You will
have to do this for each song that has the error code. You only have to play
the song for a second. If you check the properties on the song it will tell
you the license details. Hope this helps everyone. I will check back and see
if this works for anyone or if there are questions.


"Aluluei" wrote:

> I purchased some music downloads from a few weeks ago. I was able to
> successfully transfer the files to my Creative Muvo2 player, using the
> Creative MediaSource program.
> Yesterday I tried to play the files on my computer and was unable to do so.
> When I try to play a song using Windows Media Player (v. 10) the status bar
> shows "Opening Media", then "Acquiring license". After about a minute a
> window pops up. The window title is "License Acquisition. The window contains
> a button to "" and the message that the page cannot be
> displayed due to error "HTTP 500 - Internal server error".
> Attempts to play the files in Creative MediaSource and MusicMatch have the
> same problem.
> I also tried to burn the files to CD using Windows Media Player. After I
> click the "Start Burn" button the status bar for the first file shows that an
> error occurred. The error details show error C00D2720 (Cannot burn or
> synchronize the file. The license for the selected file might not allow you
> to burn or synchronize (copy) the file. To view the rights associated with
> the license, right-click the file, click Properties, and then click the
> License tab).
> The licence tab for the files (in WMP and Windows Explorer) does not show
> any information. The license details area is empty.
> Here is what I have tried:
> Turning off Norton Internet Security (both firewall and antivirus) and
> downloading the files again. I have tried both the 128 and 256 bit versions.
> I have tried to restore the licenses using the Manage Licenses tool in WMP. I
> have tried setting my Internet Security settings to Low. I have tried
> downloading the files to my husband's computer in case the problem was
> specific to my computer. None of these things have helped.
> The only major system change that I can recall between purchasing the
> downloads and trying to play/burn them was installing XP SP2.
> Note that I am not having any such problems with files purchased through
> MusicMatch.
> Can anyone help me?
> Elizabeth Steere