Re: Customer Service - Yeah Right, What a JOKE!

"JeffK" <JeffK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I sent off AND PAID the $99, for email help with a problem with Media
> Encoder. TWO DAYS later I got a reply that said basically: We're to stupid to
> answer that question, call India. I did. Oh by the way I need to pay an
> additional charge because your email people can only send you to the more
> expensive support option and not ACTUALLY ADDRESS THE PROBLEM. It seems that
> Microsoft is only concerned with how much they can make, not supporting
> products that they already have on the market.
> I assume that this posting will be deleted by M$ because it critizes (sp?)
> them, but MAYBE somebosy will see it first.

Now you understand why the open-source movement has gained so much ground.

> I am a radio station using Encoder 9 to contect my studio to the
> transmitter. Every so often I get an error in the Encoder Log that says: "An
> operation requested for a particular time could not be carried out on
> schedule." Then the ecoder stops. We are using XPpro sp2, 2.8Ghz P4 with 760M
> ram. Only other thing running is Norton Antivirius.

I've sometimes seen this error when using Remote Desktop to log into my
encoders. My guess is that it happens when another process takes too much time
and the encoder doesn't get the CPU cycles it needs. I'd start looking at the
other processes running on your box.