Re: Office 2007 for Mac - when?

In that case I'll be happy to clarify a few of those points as best I can:

1- These newsgroups aren't attended by MS employees. Some may monitor the
groups & interject on an occasional technical issue or "bug", but they don't
actively participate. Responders here are 'civilians' just like you.

2- Release dates for product under development is *always* covered by NDA.

3- The Mactopia web site ( )will most likely
be the earliest & most accurate source of any official information about the
forthcoming version. As of now - AKAIK - the first Beta isn't even available
and the latest "best guess" from MS for the final version is Fall of this

Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

On 2/28/07 8:06 PM, in article C20B6700.254F%greg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Greg
King" <greg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Actually, the question was more in the sense of when is general
availability. I haven't been following any of the Mac news and hence my
general question to the MS Mac folks because in my thinking I must of missed
the released date. I don't see where the issue of confidentiality is coming
from. If they know and already released it then it should public knowledge
(as noted in a previous post from someone else about Office 2008). I was not
asking for NDA or confidential information. What I was asking for is the
most informed group of folks (ie. The folks in the Mac group at MS) to
comment on general availability. If they can't or won't that is up to them.

On 2/28/07 2:20 PM, in article #NFJ$X4WHHA.3500@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
"CyberTaz" <typegeneraltaz1ATcomcastdotnet> wrote:

Office 2007 for Mac - when?Anyone on the "Mac Team" is bound by
confidentiality agreements which prevent them from disclosing anything they
might know. Availability will be announced when the time comes.

BTW - Not sarcastically, but out of genuine curiosity, why do you think you
should be informed prior to anyone else or why do you assume the stuff is
ready to go but MS has clandestinely decided to keep it a secret & withhold
it from you? I really am trying to understand.