Re: Office Mac 2008

The answer is yes to all three things you suggested with no change. The only
thing so far that does correct it is to set the firewall to "allow all
incoming connections".


"CyberTaz" wrote:

Have you fully updated Office 2008 since installing?

Is your flavor of OS X fully updated?

Have you repaired disk permissions & restarted the Mac?

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Bob Jones
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Tried that. It still brings up the message every time you launch and Office

"K.B." wrote:

In the firewall settings, remove all the entries for the Office apps.

Then open each app and when it asks you, choose Allow or Deny (whichever you

See if that fixes it.


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I just installed Office Mac 2008 and every time I open either Word, Excel or
Entourage I get the message "do you want to allow incoming network
connections?. In the security setting under "firewall" all the office
applications are set to allow incoming connections. So how do I stop this
message from constantly appearing every time I open an office application?