Re: 2008 upgrade didn't remove 2004

Don't drag it to the Trash - Run the Remove Office utility from the
additional Tools folder of 2004 or 2008. Alternatively you can run it from
the install disk.

Are you certain you installed 2008 an *upgrade* package rather than from a
new full retail package?

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Bizarre - it had to recognize that it's on the drive in order to do the

You can trash or leave 2004. There's no harm done by leaving it, and if
you need any 2004 functionality (e.g., macros, add-ins, etc.), you can
run 2004 and 2008 side-by-side just fine.

Yes, I thought it was bizarre too. When it said it couldn't find 2004
(to validate the upgrade) the pizza wheel kept spinning for about 15
minutes. Before it finished, I clicked Continue and it asked me if I
really wanted to, because otherwise it might not be able to install the
upgrade version. I let it keep searching for about another 15 minutes or
so, but then I gave up and pressed Continue again. The install seemed to
go fine anyway, except that 2004 wasn't deleted.

Is there anything else to deleting 2004 besides removing it from
Applications? I looked for an uninstaller but couldn't find one.