Re: receiving virus messages on word 2004 for mac documents in Entourage

weil052061@xxxxxxxxx <jweil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The virus Exploit-1Table was found in eHGT_transplant ad.doc.
The attachment eHGT_transplant ad.doc was removed.

anyone have any ideas. i've already contacted apple with no luck.

Well, this is a Trojan horse for Office for WIndows:
Either it was already in a file you had on your Mac and you forwarded
it, or it was send by another computer which then spoofed your e-mail
address as the sender's address (and that's why you received the

It is my understanding that this Troyan cannot do a thing on a Mac.
Entourage cannot get "infected" and start sending it over to various
people, so if you didn't send the corresponding Word document, chances
are it didn't actually come from you.

Entourage doesn't support any kind of VB script anyway, so even if you
wanted to, you couldn't infect it with any of these,


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