Re: How to keep hyperlinks when creating a PDF file in word for mac

I use Office for Mac 2004
I have OS X v 10.4
I am trying to convert a Word ducument
....What kind of hyperlinks...i don't know there was different kind! I
write a sentence then select the word i want then do add hyperlink and
write the internet adress i want. So that when i am in the word
document if i click on the word that has the link, a internet page will

CyberTaz wrote:
What version of OS X, What version of Office, What specific Office
application program, and What kind of hyperlinks are you using? Nobody can
offer any meaningful suggestions if you don't provide any meaningful
Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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I do print, save as pdf, but it does not keep my hyperlinks...