Re: Mac software on PC illegal???

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Yes, it is legal, that is if Microsoft actually states that you cannot use
Office:Mac on non-Apple hardware (see above). You don't pay for a program
per se, you actually pay for a license to use a program. And that license is
regulated by the EULA (end user license agreement), which lists a number of
things that you are/are not allowed to do. You can only start using software
after you've accepted the conditions of the EULA, and if you do not agree
with them in their entirety, I believe you can return the software and ask
for a refund.

Strange...but thanks for clearing it up.

That would mean that if the EULA states that I can only use a program
while standing on one foot with my right hand over one eye, then I could
be sued because I violated the EULA if both my feet touch the floor
while I am using the program? I bet lawyers would have a field day with

And FWIW, I never read the EULA for any program I buy (I just click on
agree). After all, the store where I buy my software only takes back
purchases if they are still in the unopened box, and reading the EULA
requires opening the box, so if I disagreed with a EULA my only option
would be to attempt to return the software to the provider and ask for a
refund (good luck!...). And when I buy a new program (especially games),
I want to use the program, and not to have to consult my lawyer to tell
me if anything in the EULA fine print is against my politics, my
religion, or my preferences.

In an age where pirated versions of most programs are freely available
on the web before the programs hit the shelves, it seems to me that
EULAs as well as protection schemes are dinosaurs of the past whose only
function is to harrass conscientious buyers and to keep the lawyers of
program producers busy...

I recognize that your statements are your own opinions and may not
coincide with those of your employer - so are mine!