Re: Why is Entourage accessing a strange server (


From the Tools Menu choose Accounts. Click on the Directory Service tab and remove the Bigfoot Account.

At one time Bigfoot provided LDAP lookups for the web, but I think the internet got bigger than they expected and they went bust, so they no longer exist. The LDAP functionality is still provided for organizations that have their own LDAP servers.


Spat wrote:
I have Entourage 11.2.3 on a 1.25 GHz 20" iMac running OS 10.4.6. For the
past week or so Entourage has been periodically accessing a strange server
( I only know this because I see the progress bar in the
bottom right corner of the screen. I have four email accounts, but none of
them use a bigfoot server. Is this the result of some kind of virus or
trojan horse? How do I stop it from accessing this server? If I cannot
stop it, I was thinking about wiping my hard drive and reinstalling the OS
and Entourage. However, the only way I know of to restore all my emails,
contacts, calendar items, etc. is to copy my current Microsoft User Data
file back into my Documents folder after the reinstallation, but wouldn't
that simply restore to my newly installed hard drive the virus or trojan
horse (or whatever) is causing the problem?

Thanks for any help you all can offer.