Re: Uninstallation of V.x after install of 2004

Mickey fixed the problem, but please all note: you shouldn't need to
install Office X to use an upgrade copy of Office 2004. Others report that
it works fine to just point the upgrade installer at the Office X CD in the
cd drive, when installing and asked to verify that you own a previous

On 2/4/06 6:19 AM, "morris.tranen@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:

After doing a complete erase and reinstallation of OS X on my G4, I
learned that I could not install my upgrade of Mac Office 2004 without
my previous version of office installed on the machine.
I did, I have, and it's done.
Now I have 2 versions of Mac for Office installed on my machine.
Can I now uninstall the previous copy?
and if so...HOW?

Thanks in advance,

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