Re: Pasting text from docx to doc files

As to this particular point;

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When I say images, I'm referring mostly to charts created in Excel or
tables created in Word. These often are already placed into other Word
documents, and have multiple elements grouped together. Can I Insert
these given that they're in documents already as opposed to stand-alone
files on my hard disk (eg, like a jpg file would be)?

It depends on a number of factors as to how well copy/paste works for charts
& tables, but should be OK in most cases... IOW, as long as the element,
itself, isn't already corrupt when you copy it :-) Your comment that they
can't be *Inserted* into one document if stored as an object in another is
quite correct, and for tables there aren't many other options. For charts
you might try Control/Right-Clicking, choose Save As Picture, then pick a
format. Insert the resulting JPEG, PNG, etc.

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Bob Jones
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