Re: pictures imported are fuzzy

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Why do my pictures that I bring into Word turn fuzzy? They print fuzzy too. The picture is fine in other programs but using it in Word it becomes fuzzy and low res looking. Please help!!!

The only case of "fuzzy" pictures I know of is when one imports vector
graphics. If you import a vector graphic (like a PDF) it will turn
into a bitmap, which will not look nice in really high resolutions.
However, in most cases, I think the resolution is good enough for real

I did some experiments, and I think Word tries to get 300 dpi, which
should be good enough for correct printing.

However, if you import a small vector graphic and then try to make it
bigger in Word, the resolution will be worse, and you may get into


I have the same issue with fuzzy graphics when importing 300 DPI Tiffs
or PNG's into word for my clients. I use a Mac Pro with the latest
Leopard OS, but it also happens with my G5 and G4 with every other
operating system since OSX. I use Office 2004 for MAC. Most clients
use PC's, but the range is any computer and software from the last 5
years. I even tried importing an image into words background hoping it
would work as a layer, no such luck. - Michele