Re: Photos imported to Word appear dull (bad color)

Yeah, John - Avoid the tempting convenience of Drag 'n' Drop :-)... it
bypasses Word's graphics import filters so the the OS - I believe - converts
the .jpg to a .pict, which is not a pretty sight in many cases. It may also
cause the image to not display at all if the doc gets sent to a Windows box.

I haven't used Aperture, but there are a number of different JPEG
renderings, so check what settings are available when you save the file &
make sure you're using the highest quality.

Also: Use the Insert> Picture> From File method to get the image into your
doc & see if that doesn't work a bit better.

There may also be something that's been changed in your print settings -
possibly with Color Management - and there are any number of other factors
that influence image quality & color fidelity.
HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

"John Purlia" <jpurlia@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Recently, I've noticed that the photos I drag'n'drop into Word appear and
print with dull, lifeless, muddy colors, as if the bright, saturated
colors have been severely watered down. I note the same thing if I import
a photo then print to PDF.

If I import a jpeg file to Word, then open the exact same file using
Preview, side-by-side comparisons show that the Word imported photo is not
displaying the color information correctly.

I've noticed this problem ever since upgrading my digital camera and
moving to Aperture.

My general process:

- Take photo with Canon Rebel XTi
- Import photo to Aperture
- Edit photo, save file as JPEG
- Drag file into Word

...and the image displayed in Word (or printed from Word) appears dull,
though the same image displayed or printed from Preview (or Aperture) is

Any advice or ideas?