Re: find and (sort of) replace graphics / equations Word 2004

Thanks Bob! I really don't know much about MathType.
Unfortunately for our process, this may not work, but it will come in
handy for the future.

Is there a way to update all the equations in a document to a new
format? Having the font be 12 pt instead of 10, for example?

We have this very convoluted process that was designed by one of our
programmers who no longer works in our department.
It involves taking Word docs and applying specific styles. Every
image, photo, graph, equation, etc. has at least three "styles"
applied to it, for example, image center for the image, then alt text,
then image file name. In a math course (such as the one I'm working
on) there might be 200-300 equations per chapter.

Our process is:

Word Docs with styles
Using Framemaker, the docs are converted to structered format, then
output as xml
The xml files have several PERL scripts run (at least 6) to convert
the content for use on the web
Then we go back to the xml docs in Framemaker and output them as fm
docs to produce a print version of the content, running a few
Applescripts along the way.

If <b>one</b> character is stylized wrong, the whole process breaks
down. And the resulting web and print products still need a lot of
format cleanup by hand before they are done.

That's the quick overview of this thing. It's very convoluted and
messy, and we are tied to it, because if we don't use this process,
the two years the programmer took to come up with it "will have been

I would like to be able to output directly from Word to the web, but
no one wants to do that because it produces, supposedly, "garbage
code." I don't know enough about the web side to say if that is so or

Anyway, that's what we do.

Thanks again for the advice on MathType.