Pages '08 opens Word 2007 documents


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For anyone who hasn't been following, the background is: [Windows] Office
2007 introduced a new file format, Office Open XML, which Office 2004 for
the Mac doesn't support. Until the release of Pages '08 this week, you
couldn't open Word 2007 [for Windows] documents on the Mac unless you used
the beta converter at (see "Quick downloads" column at
right) or bought the latest version of MacLink Plus (

I don't know how successfully Pages '08 converts the more complex types of
Word formatting. And I don't know how well it subsequently allows you to
export to Word 2004.

One catch: the Apple site says iWork needs OS 10.4.10 and QuickTime 7.2
(which have not been without their share of problems for some users of
Microsoft Office). A [possible] slight variation:
F0C633C4.html reports "Mac OS X 10.4.9 Tiger and QuickTime 7.2 required".

Anyone have more details/clarifications/conclusions?


Clive Huggan
Canberra, Australia
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