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Hello, Clive,

Thank you for the link to your article.

My concern about the deleted Asian fonts is that they apparently serve
some important non-font functions. Someone published a list of
Microsoft Word fonts that one must NEVER delete--and they were all the
ones I deleted, precisely because most are Asian fonts and I, quite
reasonably, did not expect ever to use Asian fonts. Only later did I
find out that these do other things besides act as fonts.

It must be nearly spring in Australia?


Clive Huggan wrote:
Hello Erin,

You might like to consider formatting with styles. That way the font is
applied as a consequence of the style, and you don't need to use the Font
menu. As a consequence, I almost never use that Font menu.

For more information on styles, check Word's Help or read the section on
styles in some notes on the way I use Word for the Mac, titled "Bend Word to
Your Will", which are available as a free download from the Word MVPs'
website (

[Note: "Bend Word to your will" is designed to be used electronically and
most subjects are self-contained dictionary-style entries. If you decide to
read more widely than the item I've referred to, it's important to read the
front end of the document -- especially pages 3 and 5 -- so you can select
some Word settings that will allow you to use the document effectively.]

Otherwise, try keying Command-d, then key the first letter of the font you
want to apply (e.g., "v" if you want Verdana). That's usually quicker.


Clive Huggan
Canberra, Australia
(My time zone is 5-11 hours different from the US and Europe, so my
follow-on responses to those regions can be delayed)

On 2/9/06 9:49 AM, in article
"doclabyrinth@xxxxxxxxx" <doclabyrinth@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello, Paul,

Thanks for further advice. (My name is Erin, by the way.) Yes, I did
truly trash the fonts (I was, mysteriously, able to get back some of
them--any that did not have teh .ttf extension.) I had gotten tired of
scrolling through all of these Asian fonts in the Font drop-down menu
just to find ones I wanted to use, and thought, hey, why not just
delete them! Clean up that menu! Yeah!

I got some skewed information--was told that if I clicked on "Secure
Trash" this would "secure" the fonts someplace where I could get at
them again if I needed them.

Of course, everyone else on the planet knows that "Secure Trash"
actually means the trash is bundled up and thrown where no one can ever
find it, much less access it, again.

My Office 2004 installation disk is in a friend's storage locker, and
he is at Burning Man for several more days. When he returns, I will, I
hope, be able to get the disk. Of course now I am gun-shy about doing
anything unusual on my computer. However, I've noticed that the entries
in my Merrian-Webster and American Heritage Dictionaries, which I
installed a few months ago, are appearing partially in symbols rather
than in letters, so I've got to do something.

Paul Berkowitz wrote:
On 8/29/06 2:43 AM, in article 290820061043207589%nospam@xxxxxxxxx, "Elliott
Roper" <nospam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

(Yes, I
did mean the Font Book in the Office folder in Microsoft in

There is no font book in the office folder. What is going on here?

I think he must be referring just to the Fonts _folder_ in the Office
subfolder of Microsoft Office 2004 folder, and has no idea that you are
referring to an actual application (program) when you're speaking about
"Font Book", Elliott. If someone has never seen or used Font Book before you
know, there's really no way they'd imagine that something called a "Book" is
actually an application.

"<doclabyrinth@xxxxxxxxx>" (you know, it would be nice if you'd sign your
posts with a name of some sort so we know how to speak to you), Font Book is
a program in /Applications folder. Double-click it to run it. Go to its Help
menu to learn about it.

But, honestly, let me echo Beth here. Why have you not simply gone to the
instructions Beth provided earlier to REMOVE OFFICE and reinstall it? That
will reinstall all the Office fonts. However, if you really and truly
trashed Lucida Grande and other fonts from /System/Library/Fonts/ (surely
you didn't really do that???) you'd have to do a clean reinstall of Mac OS
10.4 Tiger too and do the software updates. That's a much bigger deal.

Since you keep starting new threads instead of reply to previous posts I can
no longer find the previous posts and threads to quote to you. You'll have
to go back and find them yourself now.

Paul Berkowitz
MVP MacOffice
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