Re: How to Convert a Postscript Document to a Word Document

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Chris Ridd wrote:
On 2006-06-18 14:13:36 +0100, "Douglas McKibbin" <Dougl58492@xxxxxxx> said:

How can I convert a postscript document to Word? I need to be able to
open the document and edit it .... something I cannot do in Preview (
OSX 10.4.6)

Convert it to PDF, and attempt to edit the pages of the PDF using things like Illustrator, or Acrobat (the commercial version). Forget Word for this job.

The reason your idea won't work is that a Postscript document is a program that when run (for example by a printer, or by produces as a side-effect a number of pages with marks on them. There's no guarantee the text on the page will be inside the Postscript file in any particular order. There's not even the notion of paragraphs or sentences or words in Postscript!

If you've got significant changes to make (like text to add or delete) then you will probably have to recreate the document. Very simple changes (like changing a letter) are possible in the commercial version of Acrobat etc.



Actually, Acrobat Pro 7.05 and up will allow you to save the file as a Word Document.

I just took a look at and couldn't see them listing a feature like that. What're they calling it?

If it works, then it sounds like just what the OP needs!