Re: find hidden, partial, corrupt file?

On Aug 19, 1:20 pm, CyberTaz <onlygeneralt...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Unfortunately you aren't the first - and most certainly won't be the last -
to *misinterpret* the Save AutoRecover Info feature. It *is not* the same as
an automatic Save. It only offers some degree of protection against the loss
of recent changes in the event of an inappropriate shutdown - but *only* if
the file has already been saved at least once... Otherwise there is no file.

If the file *had* been saved [by you] any AutoRecover Info would present
itself the next time you were able to launch the program.

Research it in PowerPoint Help for more about it (Word & Excel work the same
way) - and remember to save your work as you go. Command+S every once in a
while works wonders.

BTW: Going for that long without ever saving the file is quite likely what
caused/contributed to the system freeze in the first place.

Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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Working on project - 5 hours, not worried about backing up as autosave
is doing its job every 10. Sys freezes, really freezes, finally able
to get force quit to open and all apps not responding - first ever,
shut all but pp, wait, still... rehash in head what I did for last 10
minutes, 'force quit', reopen, no ppt with odd self generated # tagged
with temp for name, no error, mess, no fu.... nothing. Did I say 5
hrs of work? Have done global searches, have been on web for 3 hrs
today (had to walk away yesterday), lost, don't get it, where did
those saves go? PLEASE someone help me.

Today must be the day for this stuff to happen. Also a long project.
Had auto-save on and also did many saves on my own. Of the 46 slides
completed, I deleted 3 of the last 4. My iBook froze for a few seconds
and when I looked at the screen, found I only had the first and last
slide remaining. The file on my desktop now only has those two slides.
My reboot did nothing to help. Seems to me there should be a temp file
location to recover this data. But I cannot find one and don't really
know where to look. Do you or anyone else have an idea on this aspect?

I am using an G3 iBook, and Microsoft Powerpoint X version 1.