Re: Basic Newbie Question

the only setup i seem to be able to access is 'file > page setup'
which for 'on screen show' lists 10"w x 7.5"h. the screen on my mac is
11.25"w x 7"h & 1280x800. this gives me a dpi of about 113.

so i would assume that exceeded this resolution would be a waste, as
the program and projector are trying to project a 10"x7.5" image @

Not exactly. The program will fill your current video display with the slide,
so the image it creates will be 1280x800 (or the letterboxed equivalent) and
that's what the computer will send to the projector, which'll reduce it to
whatever its max capability is.

Best practice: find out what the projector can do, set your computer's video
display to match that, and your full frame images should be at that same size
or at most a few percent larger.

or is the projection size independent, in which case (theorertically)
if my scanned images are at a higher resolution i could project
further away without losing any quality?

Nope. The same image (ie, same number of pixels, = your current video display
setting) just gets blown up bigger.

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP


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