PowerPoint Temp files

I hope someone can help with a small but niggling problem.

I use PowerPoint in Office v.X, under OSX 10.4.9. My installation of
Office is updated to 10.1.9 (I believe this means I'm up to date).

When using PowerPoint, it creates a series of 'PowerPoint Temp' files,
sequentially numbered, in the folder where I'm saving the working
document to. The series of Temp files seems to correspond to one new one
being created each time I save the file itself.

These Temp files should (I believe) be deleting themselves, and not be
left hanging about. Instead, I find I have to delete them manually.

This is a relatively new behaviour, and didn't happen in the past, but I
can't put a finger on any change (e.g. an Office update) that introduced

Can anybody suggest how I can put this right?

Thanks in advance,


From Gareth John
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