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From: Jim Gordon MVP (
Date: 12/06/04

Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 21:06:02 -0500

Hi Lawrence,

Microsoft's Mac Business unit has let it be known to the MVPs that
compatibility between Office for Mac and Office for Windows is a high
priority .

There are some things they can do improve compatibility, but there are some
things beyond their control.

For example, anything that uses Active-X is just not gonna happen on the Mac
unless someone ports this open source thing to the Macintosh.

But in terms of video compatibility, please feel free to send your feedback
to Microsoft. Be sure to say which directions you want to to (Mac to PC, PC
to Mac), and what video formats and codecs you want to have supported. This
is an area that it might be possible for MacBU to do something about (if the
Windows PowerPoint folks are interested in cooperating).

If you are both a Windows user and Macintosh user I suggest that you also
send the requests to the Windows folks because some of the improvements are
likely to need the help and cooperation of the Windows team. The Windows
team needs to know that they have customers who want cross-platform
compatibility. The MacBU is very aware of cross-platform concerns, but their
Windows counterparts may need some consciousness raising. Their
consciousness is here:

-Jim Gordon

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In article <>, Lawrence DEMBO
<> wrote:

> Have any of the mvps heard talk / rumors about a new service pack or fixes
> for the big video problems of ppt 2004?
> I wonder if anyone knows if there is any likelihood of having a presentation
> made on a mac with ppt 2004 playing the video on a pc with ppt 2003 without
> having to re-link every video (and its associated animations).
> I am (very sadly about to sell my mac as these compatibility issues have
> made my powerpoint life just too difficult. I love my mac but "half
> compatible" talks arent good enough.....
> MVPs and others have your say....
> Lorry (sad)