Re: videos in PP for MAC

From: Geetesh Bajaj (
Date: 08/03/04

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 18:45:32 +0530

Try and use AVI and MPEG files for maximum cross-platform compatibility.

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"Steve Brinker" <> wrote in message
My wife works in marketing/market research using windows
equipment.  A PPT presentation was put together (on windows
machine) and included in it are short videos of "groups".  The
presentation plays on my wifes wintel machine, but a colleague of hers
is unable to play it on her MAC. I do not know what OS vs. the
colleague is using but believe that it is OS X.  The imbedded videos do
show up as stills, but do not play as video.  They are wmv files and she
has the wmv player for MAC installed.  Should they play as videos or is
this feature not possible on PPT for MAC?  If it is possible to play them,
are you able to provide directions to a site where instructions for
playing them can be found?  Is the problem due to the wmv file.  If so,
is there a file converter to change the wmv files to something that will
Thanks in advance for whatever assistance you are able to provide.