Re: Problem Sharing Excel Files With PC Users

In the OS 9 you didn't have these problems because of the two fork file system. you had the data Fork contained all the data , and resource fork told the computer what application and file type it was. Of course if you sent files to PC folks If you didn't send as AppleDouble which combined the two forks, they would get two files and would have to try one or the other. But if the did that then there was *no* file and Type sent it was just data. And the PC's could understand.

With OSX you have to use Unix style file system which demands the extension. If you send through internet now you may get a server that has mime types set right then again you may not. So this causes the confusion. So to prevent problems *always* send with extension. And to absolutely safe send as zipped file. OSX can understand and unzip files and PC's have always been able to since PKWare Zip Days. The actual creator of the zip unzip format.


Sometimes it's the easiest things that get me, and I over think things to the MAX. I was grooving on the Mac way of life and forgot to put an extension on there. Clicked the Append File Extension in Word, but never in Excel. Doesn't full explain why he couldn't open it on his Mac at home, but perhaps something gets lots in email. Thanks for your time and efforts!

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