Re: Excel formula showing jumbled characters

Thank you! Not sure how it got there, but that was the issue. Appreciate the help.

Sounds like you are in R1C1 mode, if you go to Excel\Preferences\General and
check off 'Use R1C1 Reference Style' you should see your formulas to appear
as you'd expect them to.

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On 7/2/08 3:27 PM, in article 59b530f2.-1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Processor: intel

Excel 2008 has been working fine for me until yesterday. I'm an advanced user
of Excel but cannot figure out how to remedy the following (or what I may have
done to cause it).

Normally in the formula bar when you enter a formula it shows something like
=A2/A3 However, now my computer shows undecipherable R and C followed by not
the row or column number as one would expect. It shows, for instance the
following: =R[-1]C[1]/RC[1] (this is an actual formula that shows up when I
select cells to make the =A2/A3 formula. Can someone help me resolve this?
Thank you very much. (PS I have gone to preference and looked at the options
and unlike in Office for Windows where there is tools>options the mac
preferences seem to be more limited/black and white... unless I'm missing