Re: Excel crashing randomly

On 5/1/08 5:33 PM, in article ee8bca5.51@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Dennis
Davidson" <dpdavidson40@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I have experienced several random crashes when running a VBA macro in my Excel
2004 for Mac. I thought it might be caused by the fact that my Parallels
program was active so I've adopted the practice of shutting down Parallels
when running this macro (a run takes about 2.5 hrs. so a crash is not a
trivial event). However my latest Excel 2004 crash is a new kind of beast. On
this occasion Parallels was not running and this time something in the
workbook seems to have been corrupted so that when I try to open the
perpetrating workbook I get spontaneously crashed after my 'ignore links'
command (ie., I can't open the file without crashing). Is there a routine fix
for this situation?
Sounds like the workbook is corrupted. A macro that runs for 2.5 hours is
hardly routine. Without knowing any more about the workbook, what it is
linked to and what the macro is doing it is impossible to suggest anything
other than reverting to a backup and trying again.

Bob Greenblatt [MVP], Macintosh