Re: How to create a macro to extract information from other programs like Chainlinx


Microsoft Excel has the ability to interact with AppleScript and Visual Basic. Most other programs have at least some AppleScript functionality. You can check an application's AppleScript dictionary by dropping the application's icon onto the AppleScript Script Editor icon.

AppleScript can even maniuplate programs via the user interface, so there is almost always a way to get Mac programs to work with each other, which is a reason why Macintosh is the best way to go when you need automation.

So the answer is most likely that yes, it's most likely possible to have information from other applications be programatically brought into Excel.

The briefest explanation is that you would most likely be best doing this via AppleScript alone or in combination with Visual Basic.


Jim Gordon

Skywalker wrote:

Is it possible to create a macro which can extract information from
other softwares such as Chainlinx, PMS etc?

If yes, could you please explain briefly, how?