Re: Select All and Copy not available in GAL

On 2/1/10 2:36 AM, Patzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Why do I need everyone in the GAL? When the owner of the company wants
it, then what am I to do?

If you're his support then you're suppose to make sure he gets what he needs, not necessarily what he's asking for. Those aren't always the same. ;-)

Quite often, I run into users asking me how to do something. If the request is bizarre sounding then my response is, "What are you trying to accomplish by doing this?" Many times, they've pre-determined their own solution without knowing better options are possible. Then they ask for help to implement their solution, which may not be the best solution.

When I add a brand new Exchange Account into Entourage, the Contact List
of this Domain Account is always blank and never populated.
I would go into our Public Folders, which was maintained by our
Reception Dept and manually Copy all these Contacts into the newly made
Entourage account.
But we discovered that the GAL doesn't reflect what our Reception Dept
is doing, obviously.

The Contacts list is not a substitute for the Global Address List. It is a personal address book for the individual account that gets synchronized with the Exchange server and is meant to augment what is not put into the GAL (such as extra phone numbers) or cannot be put into the GAL (such as personal contacts).

I've used your script which is nice but it still doesn't allow to Select
more than one contact to be added to the Entourage Contact of the
Exchange Account.

I wasn't suggesting it as a method of moving all your GAL entries into the Contacts list. This is a method of looking up users in the GAL who may not be in the account's Contacts list.



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