Re: IMAP Inbox indicator and Gmail question

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Diane, I read the pdf, great, but it's all about using @gmail, and I want to
use info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Are you forwarding this to Gmail? It sounds like you just don't understand
the steps in forwarding an account to Gmail then downloading into Entourage
and replying. I'm not the person to ask about this since I don't actually
use it for this purpose.

I know you've received a lot of info and it could be you are reading it with
your assumptions and not getting the real info. This is a common mistake
when trying to learn something. The person giving the directions is telling
you one thing, but when you read it, it's colored by your understanding of
the terms.

Since we've not been able to help you after extensive posts, it might be
time to have an expert come in to help you personally. Ask your local MUG if
they can recommend someone.