Re: Database Rebuild Hangs At End of Step 5

I actually have 120 Gigs totally free, empty - that would seem enough for a database that is only 1.5 Gigs - but if that's not enough I can move everything to a terabyte drive that is empty.

I did read the article you referenced - but unfortunately I apparently did not understand it properly as I copied using the finder.

I am unable to export the data as I get an error message about corruption. What should I do next? Try the mbox drag and drop?

BTW, I do have Time Machine backups I can access...


On 4/4/09 2:22 PM, "John_Page@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

I have 100 Gigs available on my hard drive.

Probably not enough. You need at least 10% free for the OS. Then you need
lots more to rebuild Entourage. Did you read the article I referenced?

I can open the identity and made a new identity and then copied over (in the
Finder) the contents of the main identity's folder into the new identity. I
then launched the database utility and had the same hang on step 5. A verify
database says that there's damage and give the following error: ERROR:
Corruption detected on index [CTRC:1]. This is cryptic to say the least.

Can you explain how you copied over the contents into the new Identity? You
can't just copy over the database file into a new Identity you have to
export the data then import it into a new Identity.

How to manually move your data. (when import fails and/or you need to move
to a new Identity same version or revert to an older version)

What else may I do? I don't want to wait until it gets worse and worse (my
assumption that I will) and end up totally without luck.

As long as you have an Identity that will open you can salvage your data.
Make a copy (in the Finder) right now as insurance. Set mail to leave on
server for at least 5 days under Options tab in account window. This will
serve as backup for incoming mail.