Re: After rebuild messages appear as folders


As I mentioned in my original post, I already had created a new identity. In
so doing, I lost a number of things, including Projects, which is a real
pita. (Is there anyway to import a Project from another identity?)

All I saw on the links were your reports that the problem existed and a
mention that someone else had a possible solution, there was no link to the
solution. I did switch Junk Mail Protection in the problem identity (I had
it set a Low and I switched it to High) but the problem continues for that

Feel free to pass on my specifics to the developers as I cannot send my
database due to confidentiality issues. OSX 10.5.6, Entourage 12.1.5, ES
2007 operated on a hosted server.

Thanks for your help.

Tom Hart

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This is a known problem. See if the fix mentioned here helps, if not create
a new Identity for your Exchange account and let it sync back up.



Be sure to read the linked article "Emails and Events Appear as a Folder
With Subject.eml":