Re: Some exchange server email didn't sync in entourage

On 12/18/08 12:21 PM ET, "Corentin Cras-Méneur" <korventeen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

CG <> wrote:

I have this happen on a daily basis. I will move messages to other
folders in Entourage, which will not show up when I go to that folder.
Occasionally, they will show up in a search, but still are not listed in
the folder. If I switch over to Outlook 2007, the messages are there.
Emptying the cache will fix it for that moment, but since it takes a
very long time to sync with the Exchange server, I try to avoid it.

Rebuild your database (hold the option key down as you launch
What you describe look like a corrupted database to me.


Diane has been recommending creating a new Identity rather than rebuilding
the database for Exchange users. A new Identity with the correct Exchange
information will resync the Exchange folders, as I understand the situation.
Ed Kimball