Re: Entourage is Locked Up

Thank you for your response. This did not solve the problem. I did hold the
shift key down while clicking on the entourage icon and it opened up. But
the pinwheel showed up within seconds and I was unable to click on the outbox
icon. There is one item aparently holding it up. I use msn as my email
provider, and I show nothing in my outbox at hotmail. This email is
seriously over 1 year old. Any other suggestions?

"Diane Ross" wrote:

"charrisabq" wrote:

I sent an email with a few picture attachments our through my Entourage and
now every time I opening it, I get the fabulous pinwheel. A few years ago
Microsoft helped on it, but I can not remember the solution. Any ideas?! (I
have uninstalled and reinstalled, but no luck.)

Hold the Shift key down when launching Entourage. This turns off schedules.
You should then be able to delete the messages in the Outbox.