I agree that this would be very useful!

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BlockBird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 11/12/08 4:25 PM:

Thanks Diane... I was afraid this would be the answer. Am I the only one who
thinks this would be useful?

It's not possible to highlight the background. You will need to use another
method for your important emails. Have you looked at using a custom view to
sort by category "highlight?" What about custom sounds to notify you when
you receive mail from specific senders?


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Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Hi, I'm resurrecting this question because the solution below is not working
for me... Diane Ross, or anyone, can you explain more clearly? Is this
supposed to highlight the background of a selected email listing, because
not. I set a Category in yellow called "Highlight" and all that does is
the text color to yellow, not the background.

ORIGINAL Q: Flagging the important emails is not enough, I would like to
add a background color (i.e. yellow) to important emails I select in my
Inbox, similar to the "Label" feature in Mac OSX.

SOLUTION BY DIANE: Create a category and name it Highlight. Set a color you
Assign the category to message.

Download this script and edit to show name of your category.