RE: Exchange 2007 Settings

Ok, I'm stupid. The settings ARE CORRECT!!

Just make sure you setup the account manually and unclick the box that
requires LDAP Login.

All is good again. I apologize I'm really new to the MAC OSX OS and many
things are still confusing me.

"New to Mac" wrote:

Sorry about the "I have a certi". I deleted the sentence but it still made
it on the post. So these settings don't seem to work and Entourage is still
asking for an LDAP link?

I've had good experience with 1and1 on outlook and on my phone, but this
recent shift to MAC is really troublesome with this service. Using Entourage

"New to Mac" wrote:

These settings did not work for me. I have a certi

Also what about the LDAP settings?

"wakkoroti@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:

Putting this out on the net so others can find it;

Entourage settings for

-Use My Account Information
--Account ID: eXXXXXXXXX (can be found on your 1and1 control panel
under MS Exchange)
--Domain: EXCHANGE
--Password: xxxxxxxxx

Server Information:
-Exchange Server:
(Uncheck the Use SSL box that will click on underneath)

If you have public folders, then under the Advanced tab;
-Public Folders Server:
(Uncheck the Use SSL box that will click on underneath)