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Thank you for addressing my issue. What happened was that upon install, 2008
was unable to transfer the 2004 database. A MS tech had me rebuild the
database using the database utility in 2004, which I did. 2008 was then able
to accept it and it functions normally... Except that it created three copies
of every folder that was "on my computer"

So I am now using Entourage 2008, but in the left-hand column, under the
"Folders on My Computer" there are three copies of each of my folders, and
mysteriously, they contain different numbers of messages!

I have found scripts that can find/eliminate duplicates... is there a script
that can merge folders?

No, that is not possible. I would move all messages to one folder and delete
the extra folders. Then run the duplicate scripts on each folder. You could
compare the number of messages left with the number of messages in each
folder in 2004. I know this is a lot of work, but there is no easy answer.

FWIW, Seeing multiple folders after a rebuild is not something that has been
reported before. In the future whenever you build as added insurance,
duplicate your Identity. They way you have a fall back in case the rebuild
goes bad.

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