Re: Share or Sync the same data / same identity between Multiple Users, multiple computers.

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I want two User Accounts to share the same Entourage 2004 database.
I only want one Identity.

By the nature of having different Users it separates data.

I don't know whether I want to SHARE the same database or SYNC
databases or ALIAS one database.....or what.

You can't sync an Entourage database. Because Entourage stores the info in a
database you cannot sync one database with another without rewriting the
entire database.

Your best options are:

1. Create IMAP accounts
2. Use an external drive for Microsoft User Data folder with alias in
Documents folder. One user explains how they use this method:

I keep my Microsoft User Data folder on an external pocket firewire drive (a
large capacity USB thumb-drive will suffice if both machines have USB 2.0)
and just keep aliases to it in my Documents folder of all the machines I use
Entourage on (laptop, desktop and occasionally other machines I sit down in
front of for a few hours). Works like a charm and gives me an identical
environment on every machine.

You must quit the Microsoft Database daemon in order to eject the drive.

More on syncing data.


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A. You can't SYNC an Ent database:
Well, does Mark Space's SyncTogether product work to do it?
Does Apple's SyncServices work to do it?

B. How about utilizing the Users > Shared folder:

I notice that other programs (motion4 , iTunes music files, iMovie HD)
talk about installing or moving files to the Shared folder to share
items between multiple user accounts.
It looks like this type of sharing is supposed to be able to happen.

Has anyone really tried to "share" Entourage via the Shared Folder and
determined conclusively that it won't work?
Either by:
1. Moving/installing an entire Entourage (or Office) application

2. Moving an Ent database (MUD folder) there and connecting the Ent
appl to it "somehow:"
either by using an alias to it from the original MUD location?
or by switching identity and connecting the identity to the database
in the Shared folder?

I started to try to do these ideas, but don't have enough
understanding of Mac OS Multiple User account structure and
naming .....or Entourage database operations ......or identity
switching structure and naming.

At this point, I'm more tempted to completely remove my Standard User
account and just use the Admin User account for myself on a daily
basis (and have the guest account for any others).
I hate to have my computer up and running all the time in an Admin
account, but trying to completely duplicate/mirror and maintain two
User accounts with Entourage, iTunes music, Safari bookmarks, is too
much trouble.

I want the Standard account to mirror the Admin account, except that I
want the Standard account to have less permissions to access Sys Prefs
and install sw.
Actually, rather than have a "mirror" that has 2 duplicates of
everything (and takes up a lot of storage space), I'd rather have 1 of
everything and have the two user accounts (Admin & Standard) "share"
the combined applications/databases/application preferences/bookmarks.
Isn't that what the Shared folder and Applications folder are supposed
to do??

PS Macintosh


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