Re: Email Template Creation

No, that feature is not available in Entourage. One option is to save a
Word template, create new documents based on the template
<>, and to send
those through Entourage (File > Send To > Mail Recipient (as HTML)). There
are also some other workarounds you can do in Entourage. For more
information, see the advice here:

On 10/6/06 1:03 PM, in article C14C1299.2F51%info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "RALPH
SALOMON" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is there a way to create an email template so that when I click "NEW" a new
blank email will show up with my color letterhead? In other words, I want
to use my letter head stationary as the default for new mail messages....
Thanks, Ralph

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